About Us



Straw Dogs’ name is derived, not from the Sam Peckinpah film, but from the title of a single by seventies punk band Stiff Little Fingers.  It’s a song that represents the very best aspects of classic punk music – it’s fast, it’s loud, and above all it’s catchy!  This is what Straw Dogs do.  We take the best punk classics and play them with the energy and enthusiasm they deserve.  When you come to see us play you’re going to hear songs from the Clash, the Sex Pistols, Sham 69, the Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers, and loads more.


We’re a three piece band based in Newbury, featuring Charlie Roberts on guitar, Simon Hunt on drums, with Chris Smith on bass and vocals.  The band has been playing venues around the south of England since 2006, including Newbury, Basingstoke, Reading, Andover, Southampton, and Swindon.


We also write our own material, and have recorded a 9 track album.  They are melodic pop-punk songs, taking inspiration from the punk bands of the seventies, most notably the Ramones.   You can buy the CD at the band's online shop.  The website also includes our full playlist, video clips of us playing live, as well as recordings from the demo albums.  Plus there’s a full listing of our forthcoming gigs and venue details.  Alternatively you can become a fan of the Straw Dogs page on Facebook and see all the forthcoming gigs in the events section.  


Sometimes we play as The Morons (all Ramones songs).

Sometimes we play as The Clap (all Clash songs).

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